Please note:  Pointe shoe fitting appointments are not available at this time.

Why do I need an appointment for a pointe shoe fitting?

To ensure pointe shoes fit correctly takes time and care. An improper fitting shoe can work against you en pointe, be very uncomfortable and may cause injury. Allow at least an hour for your first fitting, however fitting usually can take approx 20 to 30 minutes, and is performed by experienced Pointe Shoe Specialist. It is necessary to phone about 2weeks ahead to reserve a time. Don’t schedule a fitting right after class, your feet will likely be swollen from dancing, which will change the way the shoes fit.


*If you are 12yrs and under, we require a note from your dance teacher or a physician stating they believe you are strong enough to be on pointe - at this age typically our bones are still growing, therefore you are at a higher risk for injury*


What to Expect:


The fitter will usually begin by getting up close and personal with your feet. She will analyze the line created by the top of your toes, the width of your metatarsal and the length of your toes and feet, then, you’ll begin the process of trying on shoes, searching for the pair that’s just right. You will be trying on a variety of different styles so that you can really feel the differences between them. In addition to looking at the shoe on pointe, the fitter will have the dancer plié in second position. This is the position in which the foot is longest to determine if the shoe is length is correct. As a pointe beginner, it’s especially important that your shoes fit well on while on flat as well as on pointe because you’ll start out spending relatively little time on your toes as you build strength.